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Wristy Cradles

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Here is the cradle for you to use for your larger bracelets and cuffs. Do you have some Wristys from Wendy Gell? They are wonderful to look at, but are yours in a drawer or a box somewhere? Let's get those wonderful Wristys and cuffs out into the light where we can see them all the time! The tube on the Wristy cradle is a bit larger to accommodate these larger bracelets. My Mexican silver cuffs, large cuffs by Sheryl Hamilton and Wendy, some expansion bracelets and some bracelets that simply do not open wide enough to fit on a tower are in my Wristy cradle. I can see them all the time, and I NEVER have to dust the jewels!

Cuffs and such in the cradle have a tendency to slip and slide, so I insert a 2" tube in the center and it gives the bracelets more stability. The cradle tube is 5" in diameter. I will include this tube with Wristy cradle orders. No extra charge.

Close-up of the bird.

Item: Wristy-12 ~ $ 160.00

Item: Wristy-18 ~ $ 165.00

Lighted and Unlighted
Knockdown Covers
12" Cradle
18" Cradle
Lighted 12" and 18"
Unlighted 12" and 18"
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