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Tower Storage Unlit

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This tower is perfect for protecting those stacks of bangles. The tower keeps them from falling over and the cover will keep the dust off. Well, I want to wear the one on the bottom, and I hate to have to lift all the others off. I know you like to stack your collection. I rearrange my collection all the time. Sometimes I like all of one color on the tower, sometimes a mix. In any case, pulling the one off the bottom is not a problem, it is an opportunity to redo your collection.

The tower is only 6 1/2" square on the bottom, so you can store lots of bangles or other jewelry in a small space! Speaking of other jewelry, this works for link bracelets, watches, metal costume jewelry, bangles, and cuffs. Not just for Bakelite!

The inside tube is 2" in diameter, the cover tube is 4" in diameter. The base is 6 1/2 square.


Item: REG-Tower-12 ~ $121.00 (12 inch tower)

Item: REG-Tower-18 ~ $ 135.00 (18 inch tower)

Lighted and Unlighted
Knockdown Covers
Wristy Cradles
12" or 18"
12" Cradle
18" Cradle
Lighted 12" and 18"
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