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Lighted Towers

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The lighted tower is more than just a place to store your gorgeous jewelry collection. Use it any where in your house for a fine decorative accent. Don't worry about your collection, it is protected by the acrylic cover, but you can see  your collection perfectly through the acrylic.

The tower has a switch in the cord so you can turn the light on and off just like a lamp. The light in the bottom of the tower is small enough that it will not hurt the jewelry in any way. It is large enough to send a glow up the tube and through the jewelry stacked upon it.

I use it as a night light in the bathroom when my granddaughter comes to stay with me. It give out a soft glow. One customer exclaimed that the light shoots out the top of the tube and out the finial ending up in little light displays on the ceiling. The towers are 12" tall, and 18" tall.

The inside tube is 2" in diameter
and the cover tube is 4" in diameter. The base is 6 1/2" square.

This is one display that will amaze you, and you must see to believe.

Item: LT-Tower-12 ~ $ 171.00 (12 inch lighted tower)

Item: LT-Tower-18 ~ $ 185.00 (18 inch lighted tower)

Lighted and Unlighted
Knockdown Covers
Wristy Cradles
12" or 18"
12" Cradle
18" Cradle
Unlighted 12" and 18"
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