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Lighted Knockdowns

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The tubes on the knockdown are 2" in diameter, and there are 4 of them.

The lighted knockdown is a model you should consider if you want a real knockout piece to decorate your home. This one has a light in each of the four bases. The light is small enough that it will not hurt the jewelry,  but large enough that it puts a soft glow up the tube and through the jewelry. This piece  is a show stopper!

The lighted knockdown model has a cord with a switch in it, so you can turn it on and off like a lamp. Use it for all your jewelry, rhinestones, power bead bracelets, cuffs, metal costume jewelry, bangles, watches or expansion bracelets. They will all look great in this gorgeous display.

Item: LT-KNDN ~ $ 160.00

Knockdown Covers
Wristy Cradles
12" or 18"
12" Cradle
18" Cradle
Lighted 12" and 18"
Unlighted 12" and 18"
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