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Welcome to Bangle Caddies by irislady! I designed these wonderful containers to meet a need. My jewelry collection began to grow, and I loved looking at the jewelry, but it was getting banged up on the various surfaces in the house. It was also, taking up a lot of space. I went to plastic man (don't you just love thinking of a plastic man?) here in town, and this is what we came up with.

I offer these gorgeous containers to you as a jewelry storage solution. They are made of acrylic and decorated with various knobs of Bakelite or acrylic doves and finials. The containers let you view your collection, a MOST important feature, and they  protect your collection from the everyday elements, such as dust, or hairspray, or perfume.

The whole idea of these containers, is to let you see your collection. So the container, while gorgeous in it's own right, is practically invisible. If you have special  jewelry storage needs, I invite you to contact me. You and I will come up with a solution I am Judy Miller, aka irislady.

Please email for multiple item discounts that may apply.

12" Cradle
18" Cradle
Lighted 12" and 18"
Unlighted 12" and 18"
Lighted and Unlighted
Knockdown Covers
Wristy Cradles
12" or 18"

For bracelets... even for bagels!

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