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Unsigned Jewelry

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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

Item: Unssets 1

This cobalt and light blue flower pin has glass stones, and it is in never worn condition. Well, it looks like it has never been worn. The cobalt stones are heartshaped. The pin is 2 7/8 " long and the earrings are clips. About one inch.

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Price: $ 85.00

Item: Unssets 2

Gorgeous topaz color set, probably dates to the 50s. The stones are a wonderful deep deep topaz and they are all clear and sparkly. The back of the set is the gold plated solid back. Check out the large stone on the clasp. The necklace is 16 1/2" long, and the earrings are clips. The necklace is 3/4" wide at the widest part. Close-up view

Price: $ 140.00

  Item: Unssets 3

Here is a set best described as frosty. The set has frosted navettes, accented with aurora borealis chatons throughout. All the frosty navettes are open backed, so the light can shine through. The pin is 2 1/2" across, and the earrings are clips. A Juliana look alike.

Price: $ 85.00

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  Item: Unssets 4

Now this is one looong necklace! The beads are glass and the necklace is 52" long. There is a clasp, so the necklace is easily doubled to wear. The earrings are clips, and are one inch across. There are some spots of color in my photo, but the necklace is all clear, or black. No color. You can see how it will pick up color though, when you wear it.

Close-up View

Price: $ 90.00

Item: Unssets 5

I just love this set. It's caramel and cream Murano glass. The necklace is 29" and has a barrel clasp. The earrings are clips.  Look at those colors! They are just yummy.

Close-up View

Price: $ 75.00

Item: Unssets 6

Here is a brooch and earring set that is so sparkely I had a heck of time to photograph it. It is in mint condition and the pin and earrings are big enough and sparkely enough to please. The brooch is 2 1/2" long and the clip earrings dangle at 1 1/2" long.

Price: $ 20.00

Item: Unssets 7

Interesting glass and stone set. I think the stones are carnelian and agate. The necklace is about 32". It slips over your head. The earrings are on a hook, and are for pierced ears. They fall to 4".

Price: $ 12.00

Item: Unssets 8

Six strand crystal bead necklace and earrings in spring green and gold. This set is a combination of so many wonderful glass and crystal beads, peridot crystals, spring green and milk glass beads, long green and gold beads. All accented with blue flat glass beads and a wonderful enameled cage bead. The earrings are clips and the necklace is 20" long.

Close-up view

Price: $ 45.00

Item: Unssets 9

A Valentine just for you. This red set will be perfect for your Valentine's celebration. This is a wonderful vintage set that sparkles and shines bright red. The choker necklace stretches 15" tip to tip, and the bracelet is 7" long. The earrings are clips and they are about 1 1/2" long. Beautiful!

Price: $ 125.00

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Item: Unssets 10

This combination of glass and plastic makes a great set. The blue art glass beads have swirls a white inside the bead and the faceted beads are glass. The blue faceted beads have a touch or aurora to them. The puffy flower beads are plastic. Just a great looking set, that is probably German or Czech in origin, but the set has no mark. Necklace is 18" including the extender chain, the earrings are clips. View Close-up

Price: $ 65.00

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  Item: Unssets 11

Beautiful blues here! Four shades of sapphire color to the glitzy parure. The bracelet is a hinged one, about 2 1/4" opening, but remember, it is hinged, so will open to fit larger wrist. It fits me, and I wear 2 1/2" bangles. The necklace is 15 1/2" and the earrings are clips, and are dimensional. Earrings are 2" long. The whole set is in silver tone and has the plated backing.

Close-up Bracelet | Close-up earrings

Price: $ 135.00

  Item: Unssets 12

Here is a great parure that has the retro look to it. Made in the fifties this set is in great shape. The green stones are the moonstone glass stones and they all glow a soft green. The necklace has a book chain and is 18 1/2" long, with a push in clasp. The pendant is 2" across. The earrings are clips. The bracelet is 7 1/4" long and 1 1/4" wide. It has some green rhinestone accents and some faux pearl accents on it. There is one tiny spot on the bracelet that had some verdigris on it. It is gone now.but a tiny gray spot remains under the push in clasp.

Price: $ 125.00

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  Item: Unssets 13

Here is a veritable ZOO FOR YOU! Well, I like to call it a zoo. Here are three animal brooches that will look so good worn all together. Or wear one at a time. A zebra, a kangaroo and a hippopotamus. Look at the close up of the face on the hippo, isn't he a doll? Simple C clasps on each. They are made of bone or ivory. I suspect bone. They are about 2 1/2" at the widest point.

Price: $ 21.00

Close-up View

Item: Unssets 14

A beautiful pin and earring set that is unsigned. It is in wonderful condition, and quite large. The stones in the center parts and the drop are all open backed, so light comes through and gives the emerald color added sparkle.  The pin has three parts and the earrings have two parts, so lots of movement here. The pin is 3 1/2" long, and the earrings are clips and are 2" long.

Price: 125.00

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Item: Unssets 15

A fabulous red and green glass necklace.  Try this one for Christmas.  Perfect! The necklace is 17" with an additional 4 1/2" extension.  The earrings are clips, and are just under 1" across.

Price $  100.00     Second View

Item: Unssets 17

Blue and green grand parure. Grand, because it has 4 elements to the set. Also, because it is spectacular!  The stones are aqua, emerald green, ice blue and bright green. The large pear shaped stones in this set are 5/8" long.  The backing is a silver tone metal.

Extremely well made and substantial, this is a wonderful set. The necklace is 18" long and has a hook clasp. The clip earrings are 1 3/4" and will curve to your ear. The brooch is 2 1/4" across. The bracelet has a push in clasp and is small, at just barely over 6". Nothing at all wrong with this set.....you will love it.

Price: $ 350.00         
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Item: Unssets 18

The stones are mint on this Emerald green parure, and they are wonderful shades of green. The large stone here is 1" long! The two green colors are a deep emerald green, and a light, bright peridot. All the stones are bright peridot, except the large emerald color stones.

The necklace is 16" long, and the clip earrings are 1" long. The bracelet is 7 1/2" long, and 1 3/8" wide. Even though it is 7 1/2" long....it is hard to fit my wrist, which is just under 7". I may be due to the width of the bracelet. This one will not fit a large wrist.

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Item: Unssets 19

This fantastic parure is encrusted with aurora borealis chatons and tiny pastel colored blossoms. The muilticolor abs flash from everywhere, including from the center of the metal lacy flowers. The findings are gold color and the extender chain is light blue crystals. The earrings are clips, they say Pat Pending and they are 1 3/4" long. The bracelet is 7" long and 1 1/4" wide, it has a push in clasp. The necklace is 18" long, including the extender chain.

This set will be smashing on any pastel outfit, but it also looks good on basic colors.

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