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Unsigned Jewelry

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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

Item: Unsn 1

These beads just have to be from Europe. I have seen this type of bead that originated from Germany, or perhaps Czechoslovakia. They are wonderful with pink roses, blue dots, yellow colors and much more on them.  All swathed in gold paint and separated with yellow beads. The necklace is 18".

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Price: $ 85.00

Item: Unsn 2

This necklace looks Czech to me, but it isn't marked. The stones are topaz colored and are all good stones. The necklace is just short of 15" long and has a spring clasp.

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Price: $ 40.00

Item: Unsn 3

Here is a long necklace for you. This particular one is made of Jadite. The real jade.  I had it appraised at a gem and mineral show by a dealer who only deals in Jade this is what he determined.  The necklace is 31" long, and has no clasp. The center piece is 3" across.  The "chain" is also Jadite. Both pieces are pale green with the center piece being somewhat lighter than the chain.

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Price: $ 300.00

  Item: Unsn 4

This is one long necklace made of black glass interspersed with a metallic black to gray bead. The larger beads are black,and black sandwiched with gold stone, and there is a clear bead with white coconut sprinkles on them. Well...it looks like coconut. :)  There is no clasp, but there is a silver tone bead at the neckline. If you click on the closeup, you should be able to see the different style beads The necklace is 48" long and has 6 strands.

Price: $ 70.00


Item: Unsn 5

Marked Italy , this is a wonderful milliflori cross. Tiny little tiles form the design. Little yellow flowers all over the cross and a big pink one in the middle. The chain is marked 14K gold and also Italy. The cross is 1 1/2" and the chain is 19" long.

Price: $ 45.00

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  Item: Unsn 6

A vintage butterscotch amber necklace that is like "butta". The necklace is 22" long and has the hidden screw type bead. Yummy!

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Price: $ 100.00

Item: Unsn 7

A beautiful little blown glass necklace. It is 19" and all the beads are glass. A white bird sits in the middle of some great colored glass flowers and beads. Two of the flowers are missing one petal.

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Price:  $ 17.50

Item: Unsn 9

These beads are Venetian, and are called wedding cake beads. They are glass lampwork beads and they are wonderful. The necklace has a barrel clasp, and has a wearable length of 17 1/2". It is in excellent condition.

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Price: $ 130.00

Item: Unsn 10

This is a wonderful pendant necklace. The chain is silver tone,and a gorgeous huge stone pendant, bezel set in carved silver tone metal hangs from it.
The necklace is 24" long, and the pendant is 2 1/2" long. The large stone is perfect and is 1 5/8" long.

The small cabachons that accent, are a yellow moonglow and a carnelian red.

Price: $ 65.00

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