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Unsigned Jewelry

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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

  Item: Unsbro 2

This brooch is really gorgeous. It is sterling, with a gold wash over it. The perfect green stone in the center is huge, 25mm long and 17mm wide. This is a vintage piece, probably made in the 1940's or the 1950's. It is quite substantial, and is 2 1/2" long.

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Price: 125.00

Item: Unsbro 4

Here is the leopards' brother, the tiger pin. He is probably wood, maybe balsa wood, he is so light weight. He looks like a friendly tiger. Large at 4 1/2" X 2 1/2". He has a sweet face!

Price: 15.00

Item: Unsbro 7

This gold filigree pin has the West German or Czech look to it. It is 2" across and is in such good condition! The stones are two different shades of blue. Kind of a periwinkle and a light sapphire. The pin is slightly domed in the center.

Price: 42.00

  Item: Unsbro 8

This brooch is such a pretty blue! The stones are open backed to let the light shine through. It is just under 2 1/2" tall.  The back is Japaned. Which is what the black treatment on the back of the pin is called.

Back View

Price: 45.00

Item: Unsbro 12

The color can best be described as a ruby garnet. This sterling pin is a substantial one and almost 4" tall. It has a gold wash that is intact. The stones are all perfect, no chips, cracks, or wear. Just a beautiful piece.

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Price: SOLD

Item: Unsbro 13

Another bug!! This one is unsigned, but there is a signature plaque on his underside, I just can't read what it says. This little guy is in mint condition, and we think maybe because it is so roundish, it is supposed to be a lady bug. Gorgeous green cabs on it's back.

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Price: $ 12.00

  Item: Unsbro 14

This yummy vintage dress clip is from France, and it is gorgeous! It is brass, and the raspberry thingys are glass. It is 2" long.  The clip is strong, and it says "Made in France" on it.

Close-up View

Price: SOLD

Item: Unsbro 15

An old clip with gold wash, this clip has a wonderful carved design done
with molded pate glass. Done in the flowery art nouveau style. The clip is rather large and has a good heft to it. It does have some slight wear to the gold wash which is not surprising for a piece of this age. 2 1/2" long.

Close-up view

Price: $ 45.00

Item: Unsbro 16

This is a fun flower pin. It is just shy of 4" tall.  It will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

Price: $ 15.00        

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