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Storage Solutions - Ring Displays

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This is a beautiful display to show off all those wonderful rings you have. The display base is 4" X 5" and it is 3/8" thick. I hope you know by now that these measurements are flexible, that is to say, you can have a display any size you want. The ones shown here for sale happen to be this size.

There are five ring holders on the display, and the fun part is that you can adjust them any way you want. Twist them and turn them to suit your mood. If you want to wear the ring on the bottom of the stack, just pull the holder out of the base, and there you have it. The one on the bottom!

You can have more or less holders on the display if you want. You can have them all short, or long. There are 47 rings on the display that is pictured here. I had to borrow from my granddaughter!

Please note the new irislady logo on the base of the display. This logo will appear on all the Caddies from now on. :)

Here is another good thing about the ring display. It is only76.00!
Special orders will be priced differently.


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Item: RINGDSPLY ~  $76.00

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