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Pin Displays

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Here are some photos of the display. The legs of the shelf model are small Lucite balls. In one photo, you can see the difference in width between the shelf model and the wall unit. And who says silver and copper don't look good on white? They will look spectacular on gray! If you have a one of these displays in a darker corner of the room, the white or gray unit will lighten up the corner.

Of course, these displays can be used for other types of jewelry. I have some necklaces hanging on the display. And some cuff bracelets fit on that bottom shelf just fine!

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The backing on this display looks like velvet, but is not. It also won't start sagging and coming apart with use. Have you ever tried to pin a pin to a flat surface with a backing on it? It's almost impossible to do, and sometimes you end up bending the pin stem in the process.

The secret to my display is Velcro. The backing is Velcro, which makes for an incredible on and off ability. You cut the Velcro lock piece that I will send with the display. Cut it into little pieces as you put your pins on the display. Just slip the loops over the pin stem and close the stem. The Velcro straps loop and lock to themselves. So simple. If the loop is too fat for the stem, say of a tiny pin, just loop once and staple.

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Here are some photos of the model prototype with the door on it. Can you SEE the door? Hooray! No, you can't see the door, which is the whole point. You CAN see the pins. Sorry, I get a little excited. The door opener is a small unobtrusive knob so you can get the door open and shut.

The model with the white background is the one with the door on it. And also is the one with the light. You can't see the light either, because it is up, under the top of the unit shining down on the pins. The light has an on off switch in the cord just like a lamp.

If you want your unit to have a lock on the door, we can do that too. Just email us your request.

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Prices and Sizes

Item: SMWU ~ Small Wall Unit 12" X 15" X 2":  $ 125.00

Item: SMWU-D ~ Small Wall Unit ~ with door: $ 140.00

Item: SMTTU ~ Small Table top Unit 12" X 15" X 2":  $ 135.00

Item: SMTTU-D ~ Small Table top Unit ~ with door: $ 145.00

Item: PDSLT ~ Add Light $ 35.00

Item: PDSLOCK ~ Add Lock $ 25.00

Item: LGWU ~ Large Wall Unit 16" X 20 X 2":  $ 155.00

Item: LGWU-D ~ Large Wall Unit ~ with door: $ 180.00

Item: LGTTU ~ Large Table top Unit 12" X 15" X 2":  $165.00

Item: LGTTU-D ~ Large Table top Unit ~ with door: $ 190.00

Item: PDLGLT ~ Add Light $ 45.00 (Larger Light)

Item: PDSLOCK ~ Add Lock $ 25.00

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