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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.
spcr.gif (972 bytes) Item: Des Brch 1

REJA sterling bow. The bow has one perfect aqua stone in the center, and has the pierced bow design on the large bow. A gold wash over the whole pin. The center stone is an incredible 1 7/8" across. The pin could stand cleaning, but rather than damage the patina, I will leave that to the new owner. The safety mechanism has been repaired.

Price: $ 200.00

Item: Des Brch 2

The pendant says on the back -- I heart my English Springer Spaniel. Rawcliffe Pewter 1982. Also, P. Davis. Must have been the pendant's previous owner. He's adorable,and he is 2 " long.

Price: $ 12.00

Item: Des Brch 3

CINER at its' best! This is a domed pile of brushed gold tone and turquoise colored stones. All the little turquoise color stones are in place and the gold tone glows. There is a tiny bit of wear showing on one piece of the gold tone, but it is not noticeable. The pin/pendant is a substantial piece and is 2 1/2" across.

Price: $ 70.00

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  Item: Des Brch 5

This gorgeous brooch is by CATHERINE POPESCO. It is enamel with Swarovski rhinestones brushed with a clear enamel that gives it a unique and elegant finish. The brooch is 1 3/4" and in excellent condition.

Price: $ 65.00

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  Item: Des Brch 6

This pin has a patent number on the back 130141 which puts it in the year 1873. 1/20 12K GF on silver and the arrow slicing through the CA makes it Carl Art. The patina on this pin is so soft. It glows gold and then a soft coppery color when you move it in your hand. It is 2 3/4" tall.

Price: $ 55.00 


Item: Des Brch 7

This little guy is made by JAY STRONGWATER.  It is one of his older brooches. The stones are art glass and the blue one looks like a star sapphire.  You can see here, that the saddle blanket part is cut through.  He has a real ivory tusk. He is 2" by 2 3/8" wide.  In excellent condition.

Price SOLD
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  Item: Des Brch 9

DANECRAFT is the name on the back of this adorable little gold filled pin. It is only 1 1/2" in size. Just excellent condition, no flaws at all.

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Price: $ 20.00

  Item: Des Brch 10

This old lady is a REJA sterling pin, probably from the "Gardenesque" series. She certainly is an elegant flower. There is a gold wash over the sterling and some of it has started to wear off giving the brooch a soft look. It is 2 1/8" long.

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Price: $ 150.00

  Item: Des Brch 11

A pretty little 5 point star pin by B. DAVID. This pin is composed of sapphire blue color navettes and tiny pearl beads. Not real pearls of course. A lovely little accent pin.

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Price: $ 28.00

  Item: Des Brch 12

These cool frogs rocking out are by J. J.  They are playing a tune on the pads. The brooch is 2 3/4" across.

Price: SOLD

  Item: Des Brch 13

He looks to be straight out of a Harry Potter tome.  The wizard is J.J. at it's best! The design is so detailed....you can almost hear him whisper to you. His crystal ball is perfect and colorful stones adorn his hat. Marked on the back...he is 4 1/4" tall, and quite substantial.

Price: $ 75.00
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  Item: Des Brooches 14

This is a beautiful brooch/pendant by the designer YOSCA.  Blue moonstone like stones surround the large emerald color center stone. The navettes on the outside flash tourmaline colors, pink and green and blue.  Marked Yosca on the back, the brooch has a pendant mechanism also. It is the kind that locks the chain in place. The brooch is 2 1/4" across.


Price: $ 75.00        View the Mark       

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