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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

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Deeply carved orange Bakelite clip. It is 2 1/4" long and the clip works fine.

Back View

Price: $ 35.00

Item: BPL 2

Here she is folks! Elsie the cow. Remember her? This pin is plastic and is 1 3/4" across. The back of the pin says "c Borden Co. ALYNN PRODUCTS N.Y." The brass colored cow head is sort of riveted to the pin back, which has a safety slide on it.

Price: $ 55.00

Item: BPL 3

Here is a yummy Bakelite bracelet that is butterscotch or caramel color. It has been recently re strung. The Bakelite pieces are spaced with brass colored metal spacers. Being elastic, it will fit any wrist.

Price: $ 65.00

Item: BPL 4

This is one huge hunk of screaming red Bakelite.  1 3/4" wide and 1/2" thick walls.  The opening is 1 5/8" across.  This one fits well on the smaller wrist. Guaranteed vintage.

Price $ 255.00  

Item: BPL 5

An old Bakelite bracelet that is really WIDE.  It is 1 3/4" wide, and the walls are 3/8". The pale yellow bracelet is a clamper and tests positive for Bakelite with 409.

Price $  135.00    Second View

Item: BPL 6

This wonderful Bakelite box is a powder box. You slip the Bakelite part over your box of powder. There is no bottom. The box is in great shape! The only blemish is a scratch on the inside of the lid, and there is a dark line in there also. It is not a crack or a scratch, just a dark line. This box would have been made sometime in the 30s, judging by its color and soft patina.

The box is translucent when held to the light. See the close up photo. You are looking through the lid. The box is 4" across and 3 1/8" tall.

Price: $ 200.00


Item: BPL 7

This is a pair of Bakelite lemon bracelets. Each has rhinestones inset into the sides. One bracelet is slightly domed. Both are 7/8" wide and they have 3/8" walls. Simichrome tested positive for Bakelite. They have the standard 2 1/2" opening.

Price: $ 125.00 Each

Item: BPL 8

This necklace belonged to my mom. It is very Art Deco in style. Chocolate and butterscotch Bakelite. These are injection molded Bakelite pieces, and the necklace can be seen on page 65, in the book Bakelite Jewelry by D. Wassertrom and L. Pina. The necklace is a huge 54" in length, so it doubles easily. Rectangles and small squares are separated by brass spacers. There is one bead that is a little squished. I think it was made that way, and it is hard to find on the necklace. You can see it in my second photo.

Price  SOLD

Full View

Item: BPL 9


Strawberry red Lucite confetti earrings. These earrings are just some fun
earrings. Screw back earrings dangle 1 5/8".

Price: $ 5.00

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Item: BPL 10

This yummy set is a LUCITE magnetic set. Not for the shy guy, this set. It is massive. The bracelet closes securely with the magnetic clasp.

The bracelet is quite heavy and is over an inch wide at the clear portion, 1/4" wider at the gold part. The earrings are clips and are 1 1/2" long. The whole set is in excellent condition. The mark shown is for the magnetic device. You need two hands to open the bracelet.

Price: SOLD
   View the Mark    Earring Close up    Bracelet Close Up

Second View
Item: BPL 11

Here is a pair of butterscotch Bakelite bracelets. Both are slightly domed. The wider one has rhinestones inset into the sides. The larger one is 7/8" wide and has walls that are 1/8". The smaller one is 1/2" wide. Both have the standard 2 1/2" opening. Simichrome tested positive for Bakelite.

Price: $ 125.00 Large -- $ 40.00 Small

Item: BPL 12

Here is a gorgeous Lucite bangle. It is saucer shaped and goes from golden color to pale yellow and back again. The standard 2 1/2" opening and the walls are 1/2" thick. No chips, scuffs or cracks.

Price: $ 37.00

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  Item: BPL 13

Creamed corn color to this gorgeous Bakelite clip. No chips or scratches, this one is in great shape.

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Price: $ 35.00

  Item: BPL 14

This is a wonderful bright cherry Bakelite bangle. It is 5/8" with 3/16" walls. Slightly domed. It has the standard 2 1/2" opening.

Price: $ 40.00

  Item: BPL 16

This is an incredible music box. It is butterscotch Bakelite with a metal lid and insides. The metal is probably post metal. The little lifter on the lid is Bakelite. It plays "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf". There is a mirror inside the lid, and the box stops playing when the lid is replaced.

The bottom on the box has the wind up screw, and there is a patent number there that is not visible in the photo, back. The number is 2009804, which puts this item at 1935. This box is in really good condition, no scrapes, cracks or chips. You will be happy with this one.

Price: $ 420.00

Close-up | Bottom View

  Item: BPL 17

This is a wonderful Bakelite and enamel fur clip. This clip has it all....Bakelite, enamel and rhinestones. No marks on it, but a well made substantial piece.  The clip measures about 3" tall, and it's in great shape. No missing stones or enamel wear. No chips or cracks.


Price: $ 125.00

  Item: BPL 18

This is a wonderful Bakelite bracelet. The color is a cinnamon red and the carving is superb.  The opening will fit an average 7 1/2" wrist. No chips, cracks or crazing. The bracelet is translucent, and some might call the color a red tea. The bracelet is 1 1/4" wide and the walls are almost 1/4" thick with the carving.  This bracelet is not vintage, but it is Bakelite. Price reflects this fact. Tested with Simichrome and 409.

Price: SOLD

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  Item: BPL 19

Here is a Lucite bug for you. I'm not sure what kind of bug, you can name him. :)  The piece is all Lucite, and the body is painted. He sort of looks like a bee I think  The bug is in great shape, no condition problems that I can see.  The back shows a C clasp that is riveted on.  This bee (I'm calling him a bee now) is 2 1/2" from nose to stinger, and 3" from wing tip to wing tip.

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Price: $ 150.00

  Item: BPL 20

This set is pictured on page 99 of the Plastic Bangles book. It is in pristine condition, everything is clear and sparkling.  The set is plastic, the bracelet is 2 1/2" in the opening, and 1/4" thick. It is 1" wide. The earrings are clips and are 2" across the fan.  Excellent condition.

Price: $ 65.00

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