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Antique and Fine Jewelry

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All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

Item: AntiqueFine 1

This bracelet is sterling with a gold wash encrusted with real garnets. The 925 mark is on the tongue of the push in clasp. The bracelet is in excellent conditionThe garnets are stagered in three rows 5/16" across, and they go half way around the bracelet.  The gold wash on the sterling is in excellent shape, barely noticible wear to the edges of the bracelet on the bottom inside.

Price $175.00


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Item: AntiqueFine 2

Set with genuine amethysts and Burmese rubies this gorgeous pin is sure to please. This beauty is sterling with a gold vermeil. There is a pin stem, but it can also be worn as a pendant, it has a loop for a chain to pass through. There is one small chip on an amethyst stone, but is extremely hard to see. Excellent condition.

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Price: $ 250.00

Item: AntiqueFine 3

Here is a small Victorian pin. It is silver, although not marked silver, and it has a bezel set amethyst in the center. The pin has the old Victorian c clasp. Perhaps the amethyst is real, I can't tell. There are no inclusions in the stone that I can see. The pin is 7/8".

Price: $ 25.00

Item: AntiqueFine 4

This necklace is one that looks like silver, but I don't think it is. The "stones" are glass and they are translucent. An old piece.  The chain is neat. It is intricate and the first two links are cherubs. I'd say this is an art nouveau piece. About 17" long. In excellent condition.  You can see through the stones, and look at the close up to see the detailed design.

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Price: $ 225.00

  Item: AntiqueFine 6

This is an old DECO sterling piece probably done in the 20s or 30s. It would have been described as evening wear. The necklace is 18 1/2" long, and has an elegant cobra chain. The whole piece is what I like to describe as soft silver. It is silky to the touch. The marcasites are all there and sparkle, nestled around the onyx insets. The onyx is slightly domed

Price:  SOLD

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  Item: AntiqueFine 7

Wonderful piece of hand carved old amber with 14K gold fittings and some tiny seed pearls on a silk cord. The necklace is 32" long and the amber piece is 2 3/4" long. The carving is done on both sides of the pendant, and it is an alligator on the bottom and a bird in a tree toward the top. Probably from the early 1900s. One slight scratch on one side of the pendant.

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Price: SOLD

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  Item: AntiqueFine 8

19" of necklace on this great festoon. This is the laciest, most delicate necklace. Just a dream when it is on. The color of the stones is amber, or topaz, the red on the stone in the photo is from the scanner. The necklace is probably from the art nouveau period.

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Price: $ 65.00

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  Item: AntiqueFine 9

Here is a sweet old locket with an amethyst colored large stone in the center, and small amethyst glass beads in the brass chain.  The locket has a wearable length of 21 1/2" and has that tiny push in clasp.  The locket part looks like a little book, with the opening shown on the right.  The locket pops open to reveal space for 4 little pictures. You fold it up to close.

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Price: $ 150.00

  Item: AntiqueFine 10

This is a bracelet done by HAMILTON & HAMILTON JR. according to my Rainwater reference book. It is a wonderful gold washed bracelet that was registered on June 26, 1906. It says so on the inside bar that is visible when you pull the bracelet apart to get it on. The other side of the pull apart inside says "registered *H & H trademark" It leaves little doubt as to where this bracelet was made (Providence Rhode Island) and when it was made. It has an art nouveau design on the front side, and is smooth on the back. The inside diameter is 2 1/2" and the width is 1/2". It is comfortable to wear.

Price: $ 195.00

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  Item: AntiqueFine 13

Here is a little bar pin that was made in the early 1900's. The enamel is intact and the stone looks marvelous. The clasp is a C clasp and the pin is 1 5/8" long. There are some tiny nicks on the sides of the stone, but they can only be seen well, under the magnifier.

Price: $ 75.00

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  Item: AntiqueFine 14

This is a 14k gold plate, Victorian bracelet pair. The designs on the front are similar, but not exact. Victorians were known for their penchant for bracelet pairs. The designs are similar. The bracelets are just a hair over 5/8" wide, and they are oval in shape. The sides are slightly domed.

The inside of the bracelet is some sort of enamel. It appears to be painted on, because the gold shows through on the inside where there is a tiny chip in the enamel. The bracelets are accessible with this elastic device hidden inside the bracelet. Both bracelets have this mechanism, and both bracelets have the elastic in wonderful condition. These will fit the average wrist, very light weight and comfortable to wear.

Price: $ 900.00

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  Item: AntiqueFine 15

This VICTORIAN locket is a wonder. It is gold plated, and has initials on the front which I can't read. Very ornate. The bracelet is oval shaped and it is very slightly bent on the back of the oval.

Look at that face! Isn't he adorable? He has his hair parted in the middle in the style of the day. The photo compartment is bent up a bit, but the photo is secure. The bracelet is 2 3/4" by 2 1/2", so slips on and off easily.

Price: SOLD

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